People Against Rodeo Tragedy


It's time for Queensland to PART ways with cruel rodeo 

Points to consider in weighing up the pro's and cons of rodeo:

  • Business Interests/ Fundraising
  • Animal Welfare
  • Government Legislation
  • Injury to Humans
  • Injury and Cruelty to Animals
  • Tradition
  • Suitability of Venues
  • Necessity of Rodeo as Entertainment

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 Q. Why should Queenslanders PART ways with rodeo? It's

good for business, isn't it?

A . Wrong. There are many social events in Queensland and Australia that are good for business, but do not involve the exploitation of animals that is inherent in rodeos. Do Australians think that everyone should see an “800kg bull go bananas”? Why would anyone get enjoyment out of that? Substitute the word “bull” with your favourite pet or animal. Does that sentence describe desirable entertainment?

We don't agree with Live Exports, and the cruelty involved there, why should we put up with the cruel treatment of rodeo animals in our own backyard?  


Q. Surely Animal Welfare codes of practice protect the Animals though?

A. The problem is that these codes are formulated by the rodeo organizations themselves, based on American Rodeo Standards. These codes do not require the mandatory attendance of RSPCA approved Animal Welfare Inspectors, nor do they require the presence of professional Veterinarians. Furthermore, the Rodeo organizations are “self-regulated”, which means that it is up to individuals to act responsibly. Ask yourself, how many people act responsibly when they are pumped up with adrenaline and excitement? There is no independent “watchdog” required at rodeo events. That means no accountability. At present, a contractor is usually nominated as an animal welfare officer, which is a clear conflict of interests. Wrong? You bet.

*To date, People Against Rodeo Tragedy (PART) have been unable to obtain a written or electronic copy of the APRA "Code of Practice" despite several attempts to do so. Is the APRA "Code of Practice" some sort of Holy Grail??

Beware, the APRA website alludes to this code, but does not publish it. Why? What do they have to hide?

Q. Don't local and state Governments have codes to protect animals from harm?

A. Yes, they do, but they are broad and still leave it up to the contractor to ensure codes are not being breached. Therefore they are unregulated. Can you believe that you don't need a permit to conduct a Rodeo in Qld? Anyone can conduct a rodeo, regardless of their qualifications in animal management and welfare. Qld has no specific laws relating to rodeos. Slack Government codes and poor animal welfare regulation allow animal cruelty to happen.

Q. Nothing really BAD happens at rodeos does it? Most are ok aren't they?

A. You are encouraged to explore the following Australian websites for answers to this question:

•  NoRodeo •  Voiceless
•  Animals Australia •  Animal Liberation

These websites offer a wealth of information about rodeo events from broad sources of information.

Make up your own mind.

Please note sponsors names in the following clips. Remember, these companies support animal cruelty.

Do you?



Kadina Rodeo, South Australia, 2006


Melbourne International State of Origin Rodeo, Victoria, Australia, 2006



Robe Rodeo, South Australia, 2006



Yankalilla Rodeo, South Australia, 2005



Wilmington Rodeo, South Australia, 2005



Carrieton Rodeo, South Australia, 2005



 Spalding Rodeo, South Australia, 2005



Marrabel Rodeo, South Australia, 2004